Friday, November 30, 2012

App Crazy

My addiction to technology is an understatement!  In my household you will find three iPhones, three iPads, an iPod, three laptops, and a desktop.  Truthfully, I can't believe that I just admitted that!

iPads and other tablets are quickly becoming the current fad in schools.  There are thousands of educational apps at our fingertips, but it can be overwhelming when it comes time to finding exactly what you need.  When searching for an appropriate app I tend to find a lot more than what I actually set out for, although it doesn't necessarily fit my purpose.

This site is dedicated to all things iPad/tablets.  Student Apps for Education will help you find what you need all in the name of apps.  Whether you are looking for an app to assist in classroom management or reinforce a skill, this site will help you in the overwhelming task of finding appropriate apps. 

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